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What does it take to be eligible for supported Living?  //

In order to be eligible for our program or for any other Supported Living program in Washington State, one must have been diagnosed with a Developmental Disability:


What is a developmental disability as defined by law?

Under RCW71A.10.020(3) the definition in law of a developmental disability is:

A disability attributable to:

  • Intellectual Disability;

  • Cerebral Palsy;

  • Epilepsy;

  • Autism; or

Another neurological or other condition closely related to intellectual disability or that requires treatment similar to that required for individuals with intellectual disabilities.


  • Originated before the individual attained age eighteen;

  • Continued or can be expected to continue indefinitely, and

  • Results in substantial limitations to an individual's intellectual and/or adaptive functioning.


In addition to having a Developmenatal Disability, you must be enrolled in the Developmental Disabilaty Administration's (DDA) system and meet funding requirements for Supported Living.


In order to get further information from DDA, you can either call the Tacoma (Region 3) office at (253) 404-550 or visit DDA's website. Copy and paste the following web address into your browser and it will take you to the DDA site where you can download applications for services and access many other resources including a complete listing of all supported residential settings that are available as well:      

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